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General Information about Registration

Spring programs (ONLY) are based on Boys's/Girls age at July 1st preceding the season.  Please register your player in the appropriate group.

At the end of the Registration Process, the system will present you with a "Registration Review" sheet. Please print a copy for your records. 

Payment by Credit Card upon registration.  IMPORTANT:   Some registrations require Credit Card payment immediately or within a defined number of days.  In such registrations, if payment is not made registration may be DELETED and you would need to re-register.  We recommend you pay at they time of registration.  We offer Credit Card payment with Visa or Mastercard.



 Registration Process:

 If you have not registered ONLINE before, please register as a New Parent.   This will cause an e-mail to be sent to you with a password (for security purposes).

If you have registered ONLINE before, please register as a Returning Parent, using your last year's EMAIL address and password (if your EMAIL address has changed you will be able to correct that.  If you have forgotten last year's login credentials contact the Registrar (see Contacts tab). 

Continue the registration, entering information about YOU (the Adult) first. Also, you can select which information you wish to have displayed in the registration e-mail notification.

You can follow the same process to enter information and register your child.   VERY IMPORTANT: You must select the REGISTER button next to your child's / players name to complete the process.


WAITLIST NOTE:  If the team you are selecting shows as: "NOTE: This program is currently full. You can however register for the current waitlist by clicking the link above." you may be able to still register but do not send payment in until you are contacted by the coaching staff to proceed. Adding additional teams will be assessed based on total number of coaches that volunteer and additional players.

If you register and submit payment and subsequently decide not to play or take part in any clinic, you may be eligible for a refund as determined by the applicable Division lead.  Any other over-payment, (e.g. sent in the wrong amount or erroneous charges), will be credited to your account and will show up as such when you register for the next season or clinic thereby reducing that session's amount. 
If this is your player's last season with the Club then a check will be issued.  Also note, that depending on the timing of the refund request, there may be additional amounts withheld for any clothing and US Lacrosse registration fees. Requests for Refunds should be emailed to the applicable Division lead (see Contacts Tab)...who will then direct the Club's Registrar and Treasurer.